Thanks jobber. Sorry, but I didn't see your comment until just now. Not quite sure what happened.
Big Hoss I love the site!
Thanks, Davide. I like it too; I'm rather proud of it.
I like your new site!
Thank you for your kind words, Diane. Keep listening; I'll keep playing.
Just discovered your music and it is just what I needed at the right time. keep up your excellent work. Love the blues!
Thanks Gayle, and thanks Ben. Both of you please stay in touch.
Heard you for the first time this evening. I think you are a fine talent. Really like song titled: I could be wrong. Agree in general with what you said. Live in DC metro area and have done some public interest lobbying. If USA keeps going as it is--I think it will shoot itself in the head-- greed of the rich may finish us off.
Lookin' forward to seeing/hearing you again. I am off now to post a FB review of your show. Thanks!

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