I had all the songs written and almost completely recorded for this album before I gave serious thought to and settled on its title.  Hope. Simple, straightforward, apt.  The songs cover some dark topics, but in the end, they are largely optimistic; probably because I am.  After all, what's the alternative?

Truth be told, I've long considered myself to be a realist.  When someone asks me if I see a glass as half empty or half full, my answer is that it depends on how thirsty I am and on what's in the glass.  I've also said that I try to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.  Hell, I often *expect* the worst.

But, that doesn't mean I lack hope.  As long as I can think, create music, and still get out of bed in the morning (or whenever), I have hope.  And, having a strong woman at my side doesn't hurt either.  

These songs can be heard and downloaded here.  


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