Hello.  Welcome to my home.

I hope you enjoy your visit.  You'll find my music - there is a music player at the top of this page you can use that should follow you around the site - and some videos here, as well as my thoughts on whatever I'd like to share.  Take your time and have a look around.  

I promise that every note you hear comes straight from my heart, and I've tried to deliver my music with every ounce of passion, enthusiasm and integrity that I have.  The lyrics I write are truly a representation of what my life has been so far, or at least of the way I've perceived it.  Words and music come from my soul and cover just about every facet of my personality - both good and bad.

It's been said that artists use their craft as a form of cheap therapy.  I'm here to tell you there is nothing cheap about the path I've chosen; everything always has a price.

Life can be painful, joyful, and funny; often all at once. Writing is my main way of dealing with who I am, meaning the sum of my experiences. Just about anything you'll hear on this site has at least its roots somewhere in me.

So, kick off your shoes, pull up a chair, and sit a spell.  I'll share what I have to offer.

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