A Short Entry

The gig last Friday went quite well, and thanks to all who came out.  I had a good time, and those in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves immensely...if their response and tips are any indication.  I did sort of blow my voice out during the first set, so that was a bit of a problem.  It was during Big Bad Man, and I just got carried away belting out the vocals.  I'd guess that had I been playing out consistently before this, it would not have happened.  Lesson learned.

I have no other gigs booked right now, and I'm currently unsure about whether or not I will pursue more, and if I do, how hard I'll push.  I'm not working a regular job right now, but I am trying to make progress with voice overs and I am in school online.  In fact, I just finished my first class in pursuit of my Bachelor's degree in Communications.  I'm currently leaning towards chasing gigs in venues I'm likely to enjoy, which generally means a listening room type environment.  I have to do plenty of things I don't like in my life; playing music in bad venues shouldn't be among them.  

Speaking of the class I just completed, it was my first experience with "Learning Teams."  It wasn't horrific, but I wouldn't call it pleasant either.  There are a number of reasons I play solo acoustic music, and not having to depend on others is among them.  

Guess that's it for now.  Y'all be good.  

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