Another Short Entry

I am officially sick and tired of winter and cold weather.  I've had frozen pipes in my home three times this year (and it's never happened before), I have plenty of snow in my yard - including a drift big enough and close enough to my fence that one of my dogs has escaped twice (he's fine) - we may get some more tonight, and the 10 day forecast indicates it really won't be warm enough to melt any off in the foreseeable future.  

Yeah.  I'm totally done with this crap.

On the optimistic side, I continue to have voiceover jobs trickle in.  I've auditioned for a few more audible books, and Gina Watson will be having me start another of hers next week.  I'm also still toying with the idea of trying to find some gigs I'd actually enjoy.  We'll see how that shakes out.  

Not much else to report at the moment.  Y'all take care.

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