I planned on releasing my next collection of songs on my 50th birthday, 8/9/19. As much as I like that idea, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

There are two good reasons.

First, I don’t think the songs will be quite ready. I’ve become rather picky about what I consider to be an acceptable recording, and different arrangement ideas are percolating every now and again. So, rather than rush my work because of a self-imposed deadline, I’ll proceed at my own pace and put them out when they’re ready. And, I’ve recently learned that I haven’t been properly mastering my songs in Logic Pro X. I need to figure out how to do so, and I’m sure that will take some time and practice. But why rush? It’s better to do it right and be happy (or as happy as possible) with the finished product.

Second, I’m going through some difficulties. As transparent as I tend to be within these pages, I’m not discussing these problems. At least, not for now. Afterwards, once they’ve been resolved, maybe. For now, suffice it to say I have less time to spend on my music than I’d like. Significantly less.

But, the issues won’t last forever, and I figure I’ll have the songs done no later than the end of the year. Then on to recording my audio book so I can get it and its source released.


Good times.

Be good.

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