Ignoring the Mainstream

The Academy Awards, popularly known as The Oscars, were on last night.  The Grammys were on a few weeks ago.  While I enjoy movies (less now than in any time in recent memory), I did not watch a single second of that show.  I watched an equal amount of the Grammys.  One would think that because music is my passion, I would be interested.  I was not.  I also pay little attention to most TV shows, and have absolutely no use for mainstream news.  


Am I some conspiracy nut who believes the mainstream is full of material meant to placate the masses into eventually accepting - nay, begging for - a one world, tyrannical government?  Kind of.  while I believe there is some truth in that statement, it would be more accurate to say that I just don't give a fuck about whatever happens to be mainstream most of the time.

For perhaps the last 15 or so years, my favorite artists - in no particular order - have been Rush, Guy Davis, Todd Snider, Chris Smither, and to a lessor degree, Buddy Guy.  Anyone who reads this will probably have heard of the first and last names on the list, but perhaps not the other three, and Rush really haven't been mainstream since the early 80s.  Granted, they've made music and toured on a relatively consistent basis during the intervening years, but their popularity is not what it was for the Moving Pictures album; election to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame not withstanding.  Buddy Guy is pretty mainstream for a blues artist.  

I suppose my point is this.  I've found that as a rule, if most of the population likes something, I probably won't.  There are exceptions; I really liked the Avengers movie, and it made huge money at the box office.  But music?  I couldn't guess who is currently at the top of the Billboard charts, and it has been a long damn time since I cared.  The music industry has made art into a product pushed out like cars on an assembly line, and while some manage to maintain their soul, most of it is generic fucking crap that offends my ears.  I'm not as picky about movies, but I don't have any interest in who wins an Oscar.  The last time I did, Ruby Dee didn't win Best Supporting Actress for her role in American Gangster.  

As for the whole mind control thing, take a serious look at a typical primetime news program.  I had to watch one for a recent class.  It was mostly garbage, and I'm happy to avoid it.  And, consider the following clips:



No, I don't really watch Conan's show, and I forget how I first stumbled across one of these.  He plays this up for comedy, but I fucking find it disturbing.  

Tell me there's no way an agenda is in place.  I'll just be over here, trying to mind my own business, and not lose my fucking mind over lost liberties and false flag operations on US soil.



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