Inner Voice and Instinct

What is the difference between trusting one's instincts or listening to one's inner voice and rationalizing one's own bullshit or giving in to one's own fears?  When can one reasonably rely on past experiences as a true indicator of what may be a matter of self preservation, and when can someone reasonably assume that one's own perceptions might not be the truth? 

Example:  Just about every fiber in my being screamed that I didn't want to go back to school.  Yet, here I am, in the 4th week of 5, doing well so far…even if the so-called "Learning Teams" are proving to be a pain in my ass.   

Example:  Everything I am rebels at the thought of ever working in a call center again.  it's just an explosion waiting to happen, and oddly enough, one of the main reasons I decided to go back to school was so that I could get skills/an education that would keep me out of call centers. 

So, what's the difference?  Notice that in the first example, I said "I didn't want", and in the second, I used stronger words.  I push through the first scenario for the greater good and I avoid the second for similar reasons.   Yes, I could work again in a call center and do well for awhile, until the frustration builds up and things go fucking sideways.  One is trusting my instincts, and the other is pushing through fear or discomfort.   

Just  a thought or two about that is all I wanted to convey. 

Gig coming up on 2/21/14…looking forward to it.  Should be fucking brilliant. 

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