Just a few Thoughts

I have a gig coming up on 2/21/14 in Madison; info is on my calendar.  I’m really looking forward to this.  I’ll be playing a number of songs that have never been performed for an audience.  It should be a great night. 

I just completed work on my first audio book.  It’s an erotic romance called Suited by Gina Watson, and I think that someone who is fond that genre would enjoy it.  You can find it here.  

When the audio is available, I’ll post a link.  Ms. Watson enjoyed my work and offered me the chance to do another of her books, and I expect to start work on that this week.  

I watched Seattle destroy Denver yesterday; didn’t see that coming.  I heard one commentator predict it would be a blowout (can’t remember who; he was on Colin Cowherd’s show), but most everyone else figured it would be close.  I was just hoping for a competitive game.  

I’m back in school again, so I won’t be having as much time to devote to music.  Next up will be a collection of instrumentals.  As of now, I’m not working with any kind of deadline.  I’d also like to put together videos for some of my existing stuff, but I didn’t really like my previous experience with iMovie.  If anyone has any software suggestions, I’d like to hear them.

That’s it for now.  Be good.  

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