Love Songs & Lullabies

I’m just about finished with Love Songs & Lullabies. I have solid recordings of the last two instrumental tracks, but I want to take another crack at the last song with vocals. I’ve found it’s sometimes best to let what I believe is s good take to sit for a day or two, then listen again. My perspective/opinion might change, for better or worse. In this case, I just think I can do better.

I have one complete song written for the next album to be released on 8/9/2019, and ideas for another. The latter needs arranging and polishing. I think I may do something I’ve never done with new material - record and release more than one version of the same song. I have revisited and redone songs before, but not on the same album. You could say “FU” is an exception, but the only difference between the two versions is censoring of the word “fuck” using various sound affects. This time, I’m thinking about having a barebones version of a song - meaning acoustic guitar and vocals - along with a fuller arrangement which adds drums, bass, and electric guitar. Maybe harmony vocals as well. The one song I have finished now (not recorded, but written) could work either way, so why not release both? Other artists have done so, and both versions of the song have merit.

One more thought. Donald Trump.

It’s like our President is a spoiled, ill-mannered child who needs a good spanking.

That’s it for now. Take care.

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