Making Memories

I don't remember what let me to this clip the other day, but I find that I come back to it periodically: 


 It's a wonderful song sung by Harry Belafonte on The Muppet Show, and I remember watching it as a kid.  Of course, he also did The Banana Boat song and had a drum duel with Animal:





 Not only did I like these clips, I actually really enjoyed Harry Belafonte's music.  My mom had a "Best of" cassette that I may have listened to more than she did.  But, there's something about that "Turn The World Around" that always brings me back.  It moves me.  It did then, and it does now.  

Here's another clip I remember from The Muppet Show: 



Yeah, that's For What It's Worth.  The 2nd and 3rd verses are changed, and a bit of net research indicates that no one has ever been credited publicly for the rewrite.   The first time I actually heard he song, I'm pretty sure I saw this video in my head...though only the chorus struck.

I guess my point is that we all have things we loved as kids that carry over.  I still love Godzilla, though I recognize a good number of the films just don't hold up to viewing as an adult.  I wish that Disney would put out a home disc version of Song of the South, though my bootlegged copy indicates that the film really isn't all that great.  However, I have fantastic memories of listening to the soundtrack at my grandmother's house.  There were a few Disney films, actually...Song of the South, Mary Poppins, and Peter Pan come to mind.  It's no coincidence that I own copies, even though I don't have children.  

Oh, my point.  Art of quality stands up over time.  I'm not a Beatles fan, but I expect their stuff to pretty much live forever.  Kiss won't.  Yeah, I know, art is subjective.  Maybe to you, "Love Gun" is every bit as poignant as "Yesterday."  Whatever.  If you have kids, please expose them to as many different types of art that you consider to be appropriate as possible.  You never know what will stick or what will inspire, and the reasons something resonates may never be clear.  But, I fully expect your kids to be forever grateful. 


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