New Site, New Music

So, I spent most of the last two days mixing songs and finalizing my web site.  Truth be told, there are probably still things I need to do; putting up better samples on my voice over page is a good example.  But, I feel great about what I have accomplished.    

I hope to get back to regularly updating this blog, and it just now occurred to me that I lost all the previous entries dating back to 1998.  Hm.  I'll contact my hosting company and see if I can retrieve them.  I have an archive file that has all but the most recent, so that's something. I'll hold off on posting the archive until I figure out whether or not I can somehow get the others.  

I'm considering playing live again, as the urge has begun to take root.  If I do, it will have to be on a fairly limited basis.  I'm working full time and will start school again on 1/14/14.  In terms of writing music this year, I've decided to compose a collection of new instrumentals.  I have enough older material to put together an album, but I think some new stuff is in order.  So, we'll see where that takes me.  

Enjoy the new site and the new music.  You'll note that I'm giving away everything I have (save for cover songs) for free.  Please share this site with anyone you think you would enjoy what I do, and any donations to my PayPal tip jar (upper left hand corner) would be deeply appreciated. 

Be good.  

Edit:  1/3/14:

Archives for previous entries dating back to 1999 can be accessed here.  There are some glaring holes where I stopped putting up new entries, largely because Facebook posts became preferable...sadly, in some ways.

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