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i’ve decided to start a podcast called That’s What I Think (But I Could Be Wrong). My tune of almost the same name (I Could Be Wrong) will be the theme song, and the idea is that I will discuss whatever I find interesting. I’m hoping the show will be somewhere between 30 - 60 minutes, and I’ll drop the first 3 episodes at once. The topics as I type this are:

1. Dogman - Fact or Fantasy?
2. Bigfoot - Man, Monkey, or Myth?
3. Are Human Beings Inherently Violent?

The titles may change, but the subjects probably won’t.

I’ve read a book and a few online articles about starting a podcast, and all of them advise finding a particular niche. It seems like good advice, but it’s exactly the opposite of what I want to do. Granted, I hope to make this a source of income, but I’ve always been stubborn when it comes to something I consider my art. I’ll do what I want and/or love, and hope an audience finds me. It hasn’t happened with my music, at least not on a large scale, so it stands to reason that maybe I should do what is suggested by those who are successful.

Or, you know. Not.

I suspect that as I publish more shows, the numbers will dictate my direction. In other words, the topics which generate the most interest and downloads will probably get return episodes and perhaps become my focus. We’ll see.

I want to do this in seasons; I’ve noticed a number of podcasts I enjoy take this approach. I’ll start with 24 episodes in season 1, take a break, then come back for season 2. I’m committing to at least 1 full season, regardless of the number of listeners. If there’s enough interest, I’ll continue. If not, I won’t. Simple.

I thought I’d start each show with 10-15 minutes of current events discussion; just touch on a few news stories that merit a few words before moving on to the meat the episode. I’m not sure that’s what will happen; I guess I’ll see once I record the first 3 shows.

I plan to integrate the podcast into my current website, which will likely necessitate a redesign.

That’s it for now. Take care.

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