Quick Update

I entered a songwriting contest last week. I haven’t heard whether or not I made the first cut, which is probably not good, but there’s been no announcement on their website either. Still, we were supposed to be notified the week of 4/1/19, so who knows? Ultimately, whether I get in or not won’t change what I’m doing too much. If I got in, I’d have to have new songs ready to perform every week. I’ve never done that exactly, but I have had songs written, recorded, and published every week for a year. Pretty similar. In either case, I have new material to work on and an audio book to record.

And, work continues on the new songs. I think the lyrics are pretty much done, though they’ll go through a woodshedding process before, and possibly as, I record the songs. That’s inevitable. But, I have a good starting point for each. I haven’t composed all the music yet; that’s the next step.

Typically, when I work on a new project, I don’t take on anything else. But, I may switch that up and start recording the audio for my book. I’ll record the audio before publishing the written form because reading it aloud will force me to edit it once again, and I think that’s good. It’s one thing to write or read something and hear it in one’s head; it’s quite another to actually speak the words. The process will make Eyes in my Dream better.

I’m uploading Hope to Distrokid as I type this; Love Songs and Lullabies will be next. I was going to go with CD Baby again, but I don’t want to pay $20 for a bar code if I don’t have to. CD Baby requires it; Distrokid doesn’t. Once those albums are up and released/available for sale, all the free music on my site will come down. So, as I’ve said before, get it while you can.

That’s it for now. Be good.

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