Some Rambling, Semi-Coherent Thoughts

I have at least two things I want to discuss this week.

Work continues on my latest batch of songs. I’ve moved to guitar solos and vocals. But, this isn’t what I want to discuss.

People often say “life is precious.” Is it really? I suppose it is, depending entirely on your perspective. But, every life certainly isn’t precious to everyone, nor should it be. Was Hitler’s life as meaningful as Ghandi’s? If you’re a nazi, probably more. But most of the world doesn’t think so. At least I hope not.

All life ends. Some have longer lives than others. Some are cut short by what we consider unnatural circumstances…accidents, murders, etc. But, if one believes in fate, are any deaths unnatural?

Why are some lives more important than others? Did Steve Jobs’ life have more value than the person who waited on you the last time you had fast food? Most say yes; Steve changed our way of life with various devices, or had an important hand in them. But what about those who love the fast food worker? And really, how important is a Mac, iPhone, iPod, or iPad?

I don’t think I have an answer, and I don’t think I’m formulating my thoughts very well. Maybe I’ll try again another time. It could be that because I turned 50 on 8/9/19, I’m questioning my values and those of the world.

Whatever. I’ll move on to the other topic.

I’ve noticed a serious lack of tolerance and leaning towards, or agreement with, violence in social media lately. Well. It’s always been there. But the antifa thing is relatively new to me. I believe and understand we’re a violent species. As civiil and evolved as we like to say we are, it doesn’t take much for people to devolve into violent creatures. Antifa is a good example.

Look. I’m not a racist, nazi, nor anything similar. But I believe in free speech. People who have opinions or belief systems I don’t agree with have it as well. Including racists and nazis. As long as they don’t do or preach anything illegal, they are free to share their beliefs and try to convince others to join them.

Your disagreeing with someone’s point of view, no matter how repugnant, does not give you the right to physically attack them.

However, if someone attacks you, or threatens to do so, you have the right to defend yourself. I would. Without a doubt. But it’s one thing for someone to say they support white power, think Hitler was right, or that any race is lessor than another; it’s something else to advocate violence and murder and take steps towards it.

I suppose it’s a fine line. I’ll try another example.

Consider the Red Scare. Look it up if you aren’t familiar. On the surface, I have no problem with communists in any country trying to convert others to their philosophy. Yet, people were persecuted and blackballed if anyone thought they were communist or communist sympathizers. Today, many people openly endorse socialism.

How far we’ve come.

I believe capitalism is the way to go, though it’s certainly not perfect. No system involving people is; we’re imperfect creatures. But that’s not the point. If I decide that communism is the best economic model for our country, why should my beliefs be met with violence? If I believe the “white race” should be allowed to separate themselves, why should that get me attacked?

SPOILER: Once again, I’m not a racist, not a separatist, and I don’t believe in “white power.”

However, I understand human beings are tribal and naturally tend to associate with those who are similar. That’s fine. Nothing wrong there. But we can get past it. But we won’t do it by threatening others and violence. You want proof?

Let’s assume, for a moment, that our presidential elections are honest. This country elected its first president with African-American roots. People rejoiced. They thought change was coming. Never mind whether it did or not. But, what happened when that president served out his second term?

The country elected Trump.

I’m not a fan. But, if the election was honest, what does that tell you?

I’ve heard people say racists and nazis are fare more open with Trump in the White House. I don’t know if that’s true. I do know Trump is the most divisive president of my lifetime.

And as I’ve said before, if presidents are selected, that divisiveness might be the point.

Yeah, I’m still rambling some. I’ll try to wrap this up.

Don’t be violent. Don’t be a prick. Don’t be a fucking asshole - until it’s necessary. And it’s very rarely necessary based on words alone.

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