Songs and Avengers

Sorry I missed my entry last week.  My typical Monday night involves half watching Monday Night Raw while I update my journal and do a few other things.  This past Monday I chose to work on music because I didn’t do a damn thing on Sunday. My wife decided she wanted to see the most recent Avengers film Saturday night, and the only tickets we could get were for a 12:30a show late that night/Sunday morning.  The theater was an hour’s drive from home, so I was effectively up all night, and at my age, that means I wasn’t worth a damn on Sunday, which meant no music. I felt it more important to work on my songs than follow my normal routine.

Speaking of Avengers, I thought it was ok.  There were great moments, and the ending was damn good - but on the whole, I think Infinity Wars was better, and I thought it was a little better than ok.  I can’t point at anything specific that took away from my enjoyment. I just didn’t think it was that great. Truthfully, I may be suffering from burnout on superhero movies.  I still think the first Avengers film is the best of the lot, but I don’t give it much thought. The only other film I know I want to see this summer is the new Godzilla movie, and I expect to be disappointed.  Still, it’s Godzilla. I gots to go.

I’m fairly certain I’m done writing new songs.  Fourteen is the count, but I don’t know all of them will make the cut, and it’s possible something new may pop up.  I’ve done some recording and have a few tracks that are keepers, but I’m also doing something new. I’m putting rough drafts of songs on my phone without vocals and I practice singing during my commute.  I expect the songs to benefit on a few levels. Better vocals, and listening so often helps me hear things I wouldn’t otherwise. Things I want to change, keep, whatever. It’s a good idea and I’m glad I thought of it.

That’s it for now.


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