Sweet Dreams

Here’s the 3rd song for Lullabies & Love songs called Sweet Dreams.

It features a sort of call and response for the melody, and a moving bass line during the 3rd verse. It’s a bit different from anything else I’ve done, and yet, somehow, totally me. Go figure. I have a chord progression and potential title for the next tune (Jasmine). I’ll record a rough track and start working on the melody later today.

I’ve finished episode 2 of my podcast. Work on episode 3 starts today. Once it’s done, I’ll come up with cover art, settle on a hosting site, and post the shows. I’m still taking too long, but my seemingly innate laziness is the main problem. If I settle in and commit to working it daily, I’ll streamline the process and get it done on time.

Spring needs to settle in and kick out Old Man Winter for good until it’s his time again. There’s snow on the ground in April. I’m not fond of this. Technically, a move to another state may be in my future. We moved to WI mainly because my wife’s family was in Madison. That’s changing. Her little brother is going to marry a Canadian/American girl in June, and will move to Canada. Her parents are gone about half the time, and I expect them to relocate to Indianapolis before too long in order to be close to their grandchildren. That leaves us with no reason to stay, aside from home ownership and the fact that I HATE moving. I figured I’d be where I am for the rest of my life, but one never knows.

That’s it for now. Be good.

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