Time After Long Black Veil

I'm trying to do one post a week, but I don't always have anything to say.  I suppose y'all should be grateful.  But, I did stumble into something this evening/morning.  

My wife and I are going through all the seasons of the "Bones" TV show via Netflix, and Cyndi Lauper guest stars on one of the episodes.  This led to me tracking down acoustic versions of her song "Time After Time" on youtube.  There are many, but I'll just share a couple.  

Here's a nice one with Sarah McLachlan.

  This one is probably my favorite.

This led to checking out versions of Long Black Veil.  And again there are many.  Feel free to poke around on your own, but I feel the need to bring something to your attention that befuddles me.  If I say the name "Barry White," what comes to your mind?  The deepest of soulful baritones that instantly causes women's panties to fly off?  Yeah, me too.  So...would someone please explain this to me?   

In case you've started to listen to this and are perplexed as to why your panties - or those of the woman closest to you - remain in place, allow me to explain.  It's an instrumental track.  

Yup.  A song with Barry White's name on it without his voice.  

I'm now looking for a Jimi Hendrix song that has no guitar.  

I was really kind of tickled when I found this, right up until I realized there was no vocal track.  I was left with visions of producers leaving off the vocals as a joke, or perhaps being too high or drunk to actually remember to record and/or mix them.  I found a review that mentions the song as notable, but neglects to state that the man doesn't actually sing on it.  

Mind.  Blown.  

Anyway, I'm toying with the idea of putting together an acoustic cover band, and these are probably two songs I'd like to do.  That's it for now.  Y'all take care.  

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