Time flies...

...when you're having problems.  

I wanted to try and post every other week, and do so on Sunday.  That became Monday, and then before i knew it, three weeks had gone by since my last post.  I did have strep throat for the first time during that time frame, and that was a big pile of suck.  I finally broke down and went to see a dr (well, ok - physician's assistant) because my fucking throat was bleeding.


It scared me because I really hadn't been coughing much.  I felt feverish and achey, and my throat obviously hurt, but very little coughing.  A coworker said it sounded like strep, and she was right.  10 days of antibiotics for me, and it's now fine.  But, then my back went out on me again.

I know this would happen less frequently if I simply lost some weight.  'nuff said.

Anyway, I have things that need my attention, so I'm afraid this is all you're going to get for this post. Maybe I'll try to do every two weeks on Tuesdays.

Y'all take care.  

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