Between Jan 13, 2008 and Jan 5, 2009 I published a new song every week. I started by posting to my myspace page (which is now defunct) and transitioned to publishing on my own site. My reasoning at the time was fairly simple.

I had heard about another artist, Jonathan Coulton, doing this and experiencing a tremendous boost to his career. I wasn't exactly setting the world on fire, and it seemed like a really brilliant idea. I figured it was probably an excellent way to become a better songwriter and everything that goes along with that...kind of a trial by fire. I decided to take a crack at it.

My recollection is that it involved quite a bit of work; I maintained a full time "day job" at the same time. But, it was more fun than anything else, and this is backed up by my blog entries.

In the end, I accomplished the goal. I wrote, recorded, and published a new song every week for a year. I didn't really get much of a career bump, but I grew a tremendous amount as an artist. The material was made available via CD or digital download in four volumes with thirteen songs each. I remain proud of the project.

The songs can be heard and downloaded here.

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