Hello.  Welcome to my home.

I've written, recorded, and published over 100 songs.  

I've written a book I'll self-publish (along with an accompanying audio book) sometime during 2019. 

I have a blog with archived entries that go back to 1999. 

I started a podcast called That's What I Think (But I Could Be Wrong) and intended to complete at least 24 episodes.  However, real life being what it is, I found that I lacked the time and desire to continue once I reentered the workforce.  In short, I can't work full time, work on my music, get my book(s) done, and complete the podcast.  Something had to give.  The episodes I finished can be found here.

So, click around.  There's plenty of material. Consider dropping some money in my tip jar; link is on the left.

Thanks, and enjoy.

- Todd Lorenz

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